Digg website Redesign and Launches Along with New iOS App

For social media fans, you may already know that the new Digg site (and the new Betaworks team) has finally launched recently with a complete redesign and new editorial content. The overall scheme is a side-step to the user controlled network it once used to be but it seems like it was for the better. The new site seems to be quicker and smoother and has a more user-friendly interface. It features images and headlines from content around the web that is submitted by users. Here, users are allowed to vote up a piece of content with the new Digg also taking retweets and Facebook shares into account into one overall number.

Editors are given the option to place the content on the page where they deem appropriate, a step that moves away from the original Digg where votes moved content up on the page. The new system is laid out wonderfully with the Digg staff mentioning that it isn’t all that’s coming, showing that they’re committed to bring Digg to the social service it once was. The Digg staff mentioned the following features that they plan on adding in the future:

  • introduce network-based personalization features (like we do in News.me) to make Digg a more relevant and social experience
  • experiment with new commenting features
  • continue to iterate Digg for mobile web
  • move the website forward with features like the Reading List, different views into the top stories on Digg, and more data to help users better understand why a particular story is trending
  • launch an API so that members of the development community can build all the products that we haven’t even thought of yet

Along with releasing the newly designed website, the company also released a new iPhone app, allowing users to check out web news from their iPhone. Users are also given the option of Digging stories, reading stories offline, and saving stories for reading later. One of the cooler features the company added is called Paperboy. This feature allows users to download the latest Digg stories when you leave a certain location and read them where you might not have data connection (or Wi-Fi connection).

To all those of you who use Digg often: Happy Digging!


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